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strict quality control, guarantee people's medical sacurity

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after the occurrence of adverse immunoglobulin event in jiangxi, as a manufacturer of pharmaceutical butyl rubber stopper for direct drug contact, a wake-up call was made in its mind, our president mr. hua guoping had paid more attentions to such event and immediately call in shift leaders and front-line managers to hold a meeting, and managers of production dept, technology dept and quality dept also attended this meeting.
our president analysed adverse consequences resulted in such event and asked the whole management to enhance control at all links in production and organize production strictly in accordance with gmp requirements to take responsible for both product quality and public drug security; any irresponsible actions should be completely eradicated.

"lanling product equals to medication; lanling responsibility is safe and effective" is not only our quality policy but also permanent pursuit of hualan people. hualan people hope to promote their due contributions to deliver "safe drugs" to the public.