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pfizer pharmaceuticals limited came to our company to carry out quality audit

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       during january 20th to 21st of 2011, xiexin, quality director of  pfizer pharmaceuticals limited china dalian branch and liuwei, qc superintendant of the same plant conducted two days quality audit to hualan co., ltd.(chongqin plant).

    pfizer pharmaceuticals limited was established in 1849, it is a world advanced biomedicine and pharmaceutical company which is based on r&d,it is the first domestic pharmaceutical plant that has obtained gmp certification, in the meantime it is also one of the biggest multinational enterprises which has invested in china.

     as the result of the quality audit to the software and hardware including management document, record document, verification document, water system and purification system etc. by pfizer pharmaceuticals limited, although our company can conform to the requirements of the pharmaceutical packaging material, some works need further expansion and conduction of challenging verification to profoundly understand the essence of gmp, the depth of working in various management departments, especially production quality assurance department need further understanding and strengthening.

    in recent years, hualan co., ltd. has effectively improved gmp level and production & quality management is gradually moving toward the direction of pharmaceutical industry in euro-american countries through continuous quality audit and exchange with domestic and foreign customers. hualan co., ltd. strengthens management through audit and then facilitates production through management, it improves quality in production, finally it forms the positive cycle which attracts the customers with high quality.