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2011 excellent staff toured to changshou lake

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     hualan npm organized excellent staff toured to national eco-tourism and leisure resort, one of chongqing top ten scenic areas--- changshou lake. the tour team was led by two vice general managers -- zheng jianrong and zhang xiaoqiong. they began with the fun recreational activities organized by personnel dept. laughter got through the whole process, everyone had good time. at noon, all participants enjoyed a grand lunch on luxury hotel of the scenic spot, they talked about the families, toasted to each other, enjoyed a honey atmosphere. in the afternoon, they took the tour car to go sightseeing of the beautiful lakes, green mountains, light sunshine and fresh air, deeply drowning in the beautiful natural scenery. after dinner, in the dim moonlight, all the staff got on their way back though they were a little unwilling to leave. their chatted on the way indicates that they were all satisfied with this tour and felt very proud of this experience. they would always maintain a positive and aggressive fighting spirit, they would work harder and learn more business skill and strive to do a better job in the new year.

fun activities

company leaders and staff have lunch together

sightseeing beautiful scenery of lake and mountain