"sanhai lanling poor student education fund" was established at fuling senior high school-ag九游会登录j9入口


"sanhai lanling poor student education fund" was established at fuling senior high school

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         chongqing fuling sanhai lanling co., ltd invested rmb100,000 to establish "poor student education fund" at fuling senior high school at 3:00 p.m. on june 17, 2011 and held the first grants issue ceremony. president of our company mr. hua guoping, vice general manager zhang xiaoqiong, vice general manager zheng jianrong, deputy chairman of cppcc of fuling district jiang weijia, chairman of education committee of discipline inspection commission of fuling district ren changhong and chief leaders of fuling senior high school attended this ceremony.

         on the ceremony, president hua guoping made a gracious speech who thanked fuling government and leaders for over ten years' loving care for our development and thanked local civilians for their supports to our growth. students were hope of the nation and hope of the country. he encouraged students to treasure opportunity and study hard to serve the country and people with deeds. he also said, as the continuous development of our company, we would establish a long-term scholarship fund in order to support and care for education career. leaders of fuling district also made a speech, they asked the school to well manage and properly use the poor student education fund to ensure no student would stop schooling due to poverty. we hope this cooperation between school and enterprise was pleasure and significant.

        vice general manager zhang xiaoqiong pronounce list of 21 poor students who were financially aided for the first time, leaders of our company and fuling district issued education fund at rmb12,100 in total. meanwhile,all these students signed letter of commitment. student representative chen miaomiao expressed their gratitudes to corporate leaders and employees and said they would study harder to pay back the society with excellent achievements. (june 27,2011)