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congratulations!hualan film -coated rubber stoppers won consecutive orders from pfizer

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congratulations!hualan film -coated rubber stoppers won consecutive orders from pfizer

   on october 16, loaded with pfizer's third batch of order products, the cart slowly left chongqing sanhai lanling factory which is wholly owned subsidiary of hualan. this marks hualan has won international pharmaceutical giants – pfizer’s stable orders!

   this is not only the glory of hualan, but also the glory of china pharmaceutical packaging industry! hualan. as a national brand of drugs contact medical packaging - butyl rubber stopper, has the ability to compete with international counterparts on the same stage and obtain pfizer’s agreement. it is no doubt this will be loaded into the history of domestic drug packaging material industry, and marking china's stopper industry formally entry into the international high-end national brand market!

   hualan has been able to occupy a dominant position in the fierce market competition and lead the china stopper industry for many years, the most fundamental concept is constant innovation! as early as 2002, china has invested tens of millions rmb on the film-coated rubber stopper research and put into the market in 2005. so far we has supplied more than 2 billion rubber stoppers for domestic cephalosporin drugs,  therapeutic infusion of traditional chinese medicine and compound preparationsthis is not a simple digital concepts, on the one hand, because hualan innovative products – film -coated rubber stoppers have made a great contribution to ensure safety and effectiveness of drugs and protect people's safety , in addition, if more than 2 billion rubber stoppers are imported from abroad, calculate one yuan per piece, it is a huge contribution for country's economic!        

   furthermore, through promoting of film coated rubber stopper for these years, it had laid a solid foundation for hualan as a famous brand in china’s rubber stopper industry.
   based on china, go toward world.has become hualan’s new marketing strategy. we will cooperate with pfizer as an opportunity to continue developing the international high-end market.