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pfizer (dalian)pharmaceuticals re-audited workshop at jiangyin hualan

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pfizer(dalian) pharmaceuticals re-audited workshop at jiangyin hualan

 from 16 to 17 march 2012 the three-man team of qc manager, validation supervisor and senior specialist buyer from pfizer pharmaceuticals ltd. carried out quality audit on the new workshop at jiangyin of hualan inc. the experts inspected and inquired about the air-condition purification system, water production technology system, material library, rubber stopper workshop and the laboratory of the quality control department in details. after perusing the documents of gmp quality system, they all approved that hualan inc. was qualified of being pfizer's supplier and expected that we could provide laminating wash-free rubber stoppers to pfizer as soon as possible after submitting three batches of samples.

manager hua yimin appreciated the chance offered by pfizer for chinese medicine packaging enterprise, and expressed his determination to obtain the order of pfizer. he wished that all the staff in the company could seize this opportunity and keep on striving to produce pfizer high-end products.


                                                     experts are auditing in the field

                                                                                                                                                  march 19, 2012