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medicine packaging must pay attention to packaging and designing links

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medicine packaging must pay attention to packaging and designing links

    with the rapid development of china's pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical packing industry gets a big living space. it has become a priority of local pharmaceutical industry with the principle of ‘keep up with the pace of international counterparts’, ‘seize opportunities’, ‘establish packaging concept of complying with demands of the times’.

    there has a great gap in pharmaceutical packaging compared with the developed countries

    according to introduction from the director of shanghai pharmaceutical packaging testing institute (ji wei), extensive growth of high speed, low efficiency, and high consumption are typical features in the development of china pharmaceutical packaging, there has a great gap in packing quality of most domestic pharmaceutical products compared with the developed countries.

    at present, china's 65% pharmaceutical packaging products are fall short of the level of developed countries in the 1980s in the 20th century; the quality of packaging materials and packaging have low contribution rate to the pharmaceutical industry. in developed countries, pharmaceutical packaging takes 30% of the whole medicine value, while the proportion is less than 10% in our country. although large pharmaceutical enterprises in china have little distance with overseas pharmaceutical enterprises on devices, their software environment is undesirable.

    it is understood that there are three main reasons for the gap: firstly, we have lower level of china's pharmaceutical industry as a whole; technology in pharmaceutical production enterprises is relatively backward. china has a lot of pharmaceutical enterprises with small scale and low management level, as well as serious repeating production. secondly, pharmaceutical products have been sold and dominated by hospital in long terms, medicines sold in the pharmacies are accounted for only a small portion, enterprises are difficult to pack and make great efforts to reform naturally, and pharmaceutical packaging retains an old look for a long time. finally, the level of pharmaceutical packaging machinery equipments and materials are low in china, practitioners lack a strong sense of quality awareness, which also restricting the development of pharmaceutical industry in china.

    it must pay attention to packaging and designing link

    pharmaceutical packaging and designing can be easily overlooked. according to the introduction of ji wei, two factors should be taken into account in pharmaceutical packaging and designing. one is safety, the other is national characteristic. there are still many problems in the designing of pharmaceutical packaging in china, such as medicine names and lot numbers are not standard, medicine labels are not match with quality standards, terminology is irregular, medicines are excessively packed, there are no manual, no national characteristics in the designing, and they are also not consistent with national cultural and aesthetic needs of the public. chen qixiang, general secretary of packing and printing committee from china packaging technology association believes that pharmaceutical packaging and designing should also pay attention to humanity; it should pay attention to the characteristics of simple, practical, easy to operate and so on.

    but at present domestic pharmaceutical packaging and designing do not consider these aspects. medicine packaging enterprises must pay attention to these aspects and solve actual problems, and then seize opportunity and realize the development. along with the deepening reform of medical system, backward situation in pharmaceutical packaging will be fundamentally changed. at present, china is continuously introducing and updating pharmaceutical packaging machinery and materials, pharmaceutical packaging industry will present a new look. in addition, diversification of types of medicine will also bring opportunities to the pharmaceutical industry, in recent years, packaging and updating speed of solid-type medicine such as capsules, injection, medicine used in external is very fast, use of disposable plastic syringes brings great changes in injection package and appliance, infusion solution packaging is also improving in the direction of composite soft packaging bags and plastic bottles.

    united states soft packaging association reported that in 2003, basic packaging demand for world pharmaceutical products grew by 4.2%, gross output value was about us $ 11.2 billion. in the next 5 years, pharmaceutical packaging will gradually become the second largest growth point in soft packaging industry. experts believed that china pharmaceutical packaging should do the following several points to seize this opportunity,:

    first, speed up the popularization and application of plastic containers of medicine oral liquid;

    second, speed up the development of plastic hollow container packaging in traditional chinese medicine, hdpe, pp, pet, pen, and other materials should be widely used, and use plastic hollow container by injection blow molding process. mouth of hollow container should adopt aluminum and foil electromagnetic induction gasket to increase the safety protection for medicine, at the same time, speed up the popularization and application of plastic composite film bag packaging in traditional chinese medicine.

    it should be said that pharmaceutical packaging will have a faster development in the coming years with good prospects and large space. how to seize this opportunity is the topic to think about for pharmaceutical enterprises in china. ji wei considers that it is firstly necessary to enhance research and development capacities, and improve the grade of packing materials. pharmaceutical giant in the future will implement group purchasing, it is a difficult challenge for packaging materials enterprises, it requires pharmaceutical packaging enterprises to look beyond, implements strategy of ‘go outside and stand firmly’, enterprises should set up their own teams, research and develop new materials, new products, create packaging products with independent property rights, take the road of quality packaging and green packaging.