five-day tour of chongqing fuling sanhai lanling co., ltd. to beijing

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five-day tour of chongqing fuling sanhai lanling co., ltd. to beijing

    chongqing factory organized its 245 employees who have worked in the factory for up to two years to participate in “double fly five-day tour” activity flying to beijing in three groups in 7-21 august according to generalized system of preference for well treating employees of hua lan co. ltd. to implement the company’s people oriented management philosophy, enrich the spare-time culture and life of the employees, relieve work pressure of the employees, make them relaxed, broaden their horizon and widen their knowledge and increase the sense of belonging of the employees. the activity of employee benefit aroused the envy of the employees in surrounding companies and was followed by many companies, making it the model of caring employees of companies in lee.done new city and causing intense social repercussion.
    the company leaders attached great importance to the tourist activity and chairman specially had important instructions for it. the administration department had planned elaborately and organized carefully ahead the whole tourist activity and appointed special persons in different groups to lead the team to ensure that all the employees will have a happy, safe, and smooth tour. the following activities were arranged: watch sacred and solemn flag-rising ceremony; visit chairman mao memorial hall to recall the great achievements of the great man; touring tian an men; go to the imperial palace, the summer palace to feel the charm of beijing’s ancient architecture; ascend badaling great wall to look at the landscape of the great wall, feel the magnificent feat of “one who fails to reach the great wall is not a hero” and experience the intelligence and wisdom of the ancient laboring people of our nation; taste delicious food of beijing and exclaim over the centuries-old history and culture, scenic spots and historic sites and human landscape of beijing.
    although the tour is painstaking, the employees feel profoundly the warmth from the big family of hua lan co. ltd. after enjoying themselves to the full. according to the description of the employee in the first group after return: “the tour to beijing has broadened my horizon greatly, enriched my knowledge and let me have a look at the outside world and see the beautiful scenery of beijing. though the tour is a little painstaking, there are endless aftertastes and it is worthwhile going to beijing” “but for the tour that takes us to beijing organized by the company, i am afraid it is unlikely that i will fly to beijing, let alone touring there” said one employee excitedly, who had never toured far and taken a plane.
    the tour to beijing promotes the centripetal force and cohesive force of the company to its employees, enhances their feeling of honor as hua lan employees, motivates the work enthusiasm and passion of the employees, forms positive and upward company culture atmosphere and gets good remarks from all the employees. the activity also reinforces the determination and confidence of the employees to contribute their wisdom and strength to develop with the company together. they all express their willingness to work a lot harder with better mental state in the future and strive continuously for the better economic benefit and development and expansion of the company.