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leader of ncpc and beiyuan branch to company audit guidance

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on november 21, quality director wang minru of ncpc beiyuan branch and his party give their guidance of audit to our company, hua guoping, accompanied by sales assistant liu changshou visit sample exhibition hall, production on-the-spot real-time monitoring system, purification systems, water treatment systems, warehouse of finished products, raw material warehouse and etc.

at 10:15, in technology r&d center conference room, both sides held discussion and communication. technician jiang peng introduced the company's current production, management and r&d, purchasing, and so on. subsequently, beiyuan branch focused on auditing our company’s recorded files, validation files, water systems, purification systems. through the audit, beiyuan considered that the facility standard of hualan company is good, integrate with the drug gmp standards of 2010 version, production sites and warehouses was clean and organized, files completed, and the management is better than other enterprise, the products they can trust. meanwhile, the beiyuan also hoped that hualan can be reaching a higher stage, to ensure product quantity.