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fuling factory holds public monitor selection

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fuling factory holds public monitor selection

to promote the company’s human resource work, find out the internal talents, propel the company’s development and its internal management system construction and meanwhile, to provide a platform of promotion for the staff, on the afternoon of 1th april, 2013, the company decided to select a monitor from its present staff. the candidates have to pass the tests to become the official monitor. the members on the selection committee are: zhen jianrong, vice general manager, zhang xiaoqiong, vice general manager, liu min, production manager, gao kun, acting manager of the human resource department, huang dongmei from the human resource department, peng lianjie, director of the vulcanization department and zhang yongqiang, director of the trimming department.
after testing the candidates in the respects of position recognition, conception of work, goals of work, business knowledge, management ability and etc, zuo feiyue and wu changmei finally stood out and were assigned as the monitors. the monitor selection of this time was based on three principles, the first of which was going public, playing fair and choosing the best. the second was to choose the ones who possess both work ethic and talent. and the third principle was to choose the person who is suitable for the position. these three principles were set up to promote refined management, enhance the group system construction of fuling factory and improve the comprehensive quality and ability of the monitors in an all round way.
by means of “competing to get the job”, a good competition atmosphere was created and the staff’s enthusiasm was stirred up and they were inspired to put their advantages into full play to devote to the production work wholeheartedly. through this approach, the ones who are competent and courageous were motivated to assume the bigger responsibilities. it would be a very good impetus to advance the work forward.