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enhance talent construction and raise the continuous competitiveness of the company

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according to the provision of the company’s training management regulations, for the purpose to help the freshmen of 2013 to get familiar with the overall situation of the company, enhance the construction of the talents, promote the continuous update of the industrial knowledge and skills, the hr department of the company organized an orientation for the new comers indoors from july 11th -13th , 2013. they trained 23 new employees on the specific topics of company history, structure, development strategy, technical characteristics of major products, staff regulations, career orientation and preliminary planning, the employment of information resources, gmp knowledge of pharmaceuticals, the products’ techniques and characteristics and safe production. and they had a field trip to wetland park, 5 pavilions and 1 center which are the key development bases in jiangyin on the 13th.

this training involved a vast range of topics and a great amount of people. it was the first time that we combined indoor and outdoor activities, which was welcomed warmly and supported greatly by the managers from various departments of the company. the president even spared some time from his busy schedule and went to the training room to give the trainees some care and instructions on their life work and a warmhearted speech, from which everybody was enlightened to some extent.

the training was praised highly by all the staff. they said that: as a new comer, we will plunge into the learning on the forefront actively for 2-4 years with a sense of responsibility, practicality and an attitude of being willing to bear hardship, doing research, innovating and being modest and develop ourselves into a full-dimensional talent in 5-8 years. we always believe that there is nothing unachievable. may be something is new but we can master it in practice. hualan will be the life career that we fight for! we anticipate that the company will organize more comprehensive career training activities in different phases. (audit department, xiang min)