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show personal mien and corporate image

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   to reinforce the construction of spiritual civilization and enterprise cultural construction and enrich the sports and culture activities for employees, the company organized and held 2013 hualan employee sports meeting, which was kicked off at 16:30 p.m. on october 10, 2013 in the employee club of the company.
   with “unity, struggle, creation and civilization” as the theme and “showing confidence, self-round show, out-of-ordinary and hualan is the best” as the slogan, team events and individual events were combined in this sports meeting and there were basketball, badminton and table tennis three events.
   in the game, over 70 players were in high spirit, cool and killing to struggle for the first prize, not only showing their own mien, but also exhibiting their team spirit. players were working hard, encouraging and supporting each other in the playground. words of encouragement, a simple hug and even a gesture could give others more energy. the cheer team was full of enthusiasm and active to participate in cheering for their department members. three events came to a successful conclusion after 5 days’ fierce competition. the results are as following: basketball: the first place was won by quality, r&d and administration team; the second place was obtained by huayang medical team and the third place was won by assembly cover team. men's table tennis: peng weiguo won the first prize, zhu jianjun won the second and ji bingda won the third. women’s table tennis: liao yongli won the first prize; meng ju’e won the second; guo yang won the third. men’s badminton, the first prize: zhu xingyang; the second prize: sheng yuming and the third: xu jianwei. women’s badminton: the first was meng ju’e; the second was yang fang and the third was lu changying. the company leaders gave away awards to the teams and individuals who won prizes.