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sanhai lanling company held the annual gala for the spring festival

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on the morning of 23rd jan, 2014, sanhai lanling company held the 2014 annual gala for the spring festival in the multi-functional meeting room. president hua guoping, vice general manger zhang xiaoqiong, vice general manager zheng jianrong and the entire staff attended the activity.
the activity was held by liu chengpeng and zhang qin. the gala began in the happy music. first, president hua guoping made a speech to give new year’s greetings to the managing staff and the entire staff of sanhai lanlin. while he sent them his sincerest blessings for the spring festival, he also thanked all the employees for their hard work and devotion in the year around and proposed new plans and goals for 2014. following this was the dance, i believe, from zhang xiaoqiong, vice general manger with the managing staff of sanhai lanlin.
 lights, laughs and happiness were all that you could feel in the gala. the wonderful performances came following the delivering of bonuses for the elderlies, employees with severe diseases and the skilled employees of the third quarter. hometown in my dream was soft and tender, jolting onion dance was cheerful; the chorus sang greatly; and there was the energetic solo dance, street dance and solo singing etc. the wonderful performances won the applauses and claps from all the audiences. the atmosphere of the gala was always hot, joyous and harmonious.


dance i believe

hometown in my dream

delivering consolation money


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