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award the best and broadcast positive energy

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---hualan 2013 annual best employee commendation ceremony

in order to award the best, promote positive energy, enhance the working enthusiasm and initiative of the entire staff and let everyone remember good working ethics, on 1st march, 2014, 9 a.m., the company held an official 2013 annual best employ video commendation meeting of jiangyin and chongqing factories. the meeting praised and prized the 35 best new employee, excellent managers and employees. the senior management of the company and the whole staff attended this meeting. the meeting was hosted by general manager secretary hu jing.

at the meeting, the excellent employees were seated at the front, with red belt and red bouquet brooch on the chest. light of glory was shining on them. at the beginning of the meeting, the president hua guoping first made the speed first. he congratulated each employee that was awarded as the best and extended his gratitude for everybody’s contribution for the company in the past year. he said, the development of the enterprise couldn’t be achieved without everybody’s devotion. good employees are more than the foundation of the enterprise. they are the models for the entire staff and the positive energy for the company. this kind of energy should be promoted and amplified. we will try hard to make everyone the best. it is hoped that the awarded employees can keep up their good work and continue to be the models for others. after that, general manger hua yimin, secretary of the board zhao shijun, deputy financial manager chen zhen, deputy global sales manager jamil, and technical advisor mr. hermann presented each best new employee, excellent manager and employee with certificates and prizes. after the award ceremony, 3 excellent employee representatives shared with everybody how they felt after being awarded.

last, general manager made a summary speech at the meeting. the company leaders took photos with the whole excellent employees.


general manager hua yimin present certificates and prizes for the excellent managers

deputy global sales manager jamil, technical advisor mr. hermann present excellent employees certificates and prizes

secretary of the board zhao shijun present certificates and prizes to best new employees

company leaders with the whole excellent employees