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2014 hualan npm supplier thanks and informal meeting was held grandly

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    on march 16, 2014, 2014 hualan npm supplier thanks and informal meeting was held grandly on company zhihui yuan. the company chairman hua guoping, board secretary zhao shijun, financial vice president chenzhen, quality department director wu jianqin, production director meng yuehong, technology r & d center director zhu yinhua and other company leaders as well as invited 43 suppliers ( of which 16 were new suppliers) attended the meeting. the meeting introduced 2013 supply product quality, company’s purchasing and 2014 purchasing policy and presented awards to 2013 excellent suppliers.
    at the beginning of the thanks and informal meeting, the chairman firstly welcomed the arrival of all cooperative partners for their long-term support and understanding to hualan; then he further introduced the current operation and future development strategy of the company and the establishment of supplier strategic alliance relationship under new circumstances and raised expectations and requirements on the supply of raw and auxiliary material by suppliers. he specially emphasized that the production raw and auxiliary material was the root for us to guarantee product quality and control risk. with the increasing specification of the pharmaceutical packaging industry management and gradually improving of product standard, the company will constantly strengthen the quality control of raw and auxiliary materials. therefore, he hopes all supplier friends can unite closely with us, support each other, readjust their state and make plan in fierce market competition to create mutual benefit new situation through close cooperation of both parties.
    later in the meeting, the production, technology, quality and material control departments leaders of the company spoke one by one, in which they summarized the 2013 raw and auxiliary material application and put forward their personal opinions and expectations on the stability and improvement of 2013 supplying products, strengthening and increase of product technology development and creation and after-sales service. everyone said they hope the supply and requisitioning parties can strengthen communication, promote cooperation and dirve mutual development on the basis of good faith.
    suppliers are also indispensable strategic partners for the company. to express thanks, the company elected 2013 excellent suppliers and gave prizes to them, who are: inner mongolia mengxi kaolin co., ltd, padiniu internation trade (shanghai) co., ltd and chongqing ruifei packaging co., ltd. the representatives of the three winning companies gave their acceptance speeches and expressed their sincere cooperation determination and confidence.
    in the afternoon of the meeting, relevant staffs of the production, technology, quality and purchasing departments communicated with suppliers in three groups for nearly 4 hours. each group communicated the problems found in 2013 product inspection and application in detail and proposed the future cooperation improvement measures; meanwhile, they put forward requirements on all kinds of raw and auxiliary material technologies, process creation, steady improvement of quality and reasonable decrease of cost. the whole activity was conducted in congenial atmosphere. the supply and requisitioning parties talked freely and expressed their own opinions and thoughts, laying a good foundation for further friend cooperation.

    this thanks and informal meeting aimed to reach a consensus of effective communication and good faith cooperation through interactive exchange to promote the conduction of both parties’ cooperation to be more effective and practical.

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