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pfizer pharmaceuticals co., ltd. came for audit

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during 24th -25th march, 2014, quality director li mei, qa supervisor wang feng and manager of purchase department ye fei of pfizer pharmaceuticals. co., ltd. came and conducted a 2-day supplier audit on us. the leader of production, technology and quality departments accompanied them during the audit.
since the establishment of the partnership between two parties, we have received great help and support from pfizer in production management, quality management and technical innovation. at the first audit meeting, the president extended his gratitude for pfizer’s long term appreciation and support and stated that we would focus on how to better the internal quality of the products of our company in the future. he also showed the pfizer entourage our upgrade moulds and mould workshops. 
the focus of the audit of pfizer this time mainly included onsite production management, new equipment innovation, document revision, technical improvement etc. after the 2-day audit, pfizer pharmaceuticals. co., ltd. expressed their recognition for the management of our company and put forward higher standards. the leaders expressed that they hoped both parties could achieve good cooperation and win-win situation through strengthened communication and exchange.