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packaging production line r&d becomes the development trend of the packaging industry

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after years of market development, our country has transformed from a big user of packaging machineries to a big manufacturer of packaging machineries. the next step is to set our goal to become a strong power of packaging machineries. in the past, equipment produced by our country was facing a severe situation of being single machines. it restrained the development of the whole packaging machinery industry to a certain extent.
now, equipment produced by us wants to get stronger. it urgently needs technical support, thoroughly improving the single-machine situation. whole packaging production line r&d has become a trend in the whole packaging industry development.
     in daily live, most products people are exposed to are single machines. though there are some situations that products work together, it is still relatively rare. meanwhile, for product manufacturers, they often have to deliver many products to distribution areas. packaging machines will be used to pack the products. as a matter of fact, product packaging facilitates product delivery in the first place. however, some products are delivered to farther places. then the packages cannot meet our requirements. we will need to use packaging machines to put the first protection on the products.
in the last couple years, four main categories of packaging machines are greatly demanded by the market
bag forming – filling – sealing series packaging machines
medium and small packages are extremely widely used. the demand is huge. especially after the food market is activated, small packages for flour and rice will be in great demand. develop series of packaging equipment suitable for materials in different states. solve product adaptability, compatibility and reliability. and develop towards multi-purpose, automation and high speed.
medical packaging machines and package materials
all kinds of chinese and western set processing equipment. chinese medicine modern machinery equipment processing is an especially important subject. in order to solve issues in chinese medicine slicing, tablet production, injection solution, paste, powder, pill processing and quality assurance, there is an urgent demand for all kinds of medicine processing and packaging equipment, especially for the high-speed, automatic and multi-purpose packaging machines, as well as the matching compound packaging materials.
equipment sets for convenient food production
at present, the market demand for equipment sets for convenient food processing is getting larger and larger. according to market surveys, people’s requirements for instant noodles, instant rice noodles, noodles, pasta, instant porridge, buns, dumplings and other convenient food is that they should be nutritious, high-class and with good flavor. in addition, traditional food processing, senior and infant food processing equipment’s prospective is promising. they should be the priority of development.
food and edible oil deep processing equipment
during the “ninth five years”, food and edible oil deep processing equipment kept a growing speed of 20%~30% each year. it is estimated that when it comes to the new era of the “tenth five years”, these products will be able to maintain their high growing speed, and at the same time may promote some new packaging equipment, such as equipment for disposable paper lunch-boxes and paper cups and bowls, etc.
overview and brief analysis to the domestic packaging machinery industry
nowadays, our country’s packaging machinery industry is going through a more and more difficult development. on one hand, competition in the domestic industry is fierce. on the other hand, market development has a certain foundation. therefore, new product r&d is difficult. as a result, changing the current market becomes the most urgent problem to solve. as long as we put efforts into r&d, and grasp market development direction, we will be able to meet market requirements.
in the current society, as people’s level are enhancing, product sales is constantly increasing. meanwhile, product packages are getting more and more attention from people, instead of the packaging machines as the packaging machineries. however, due to market shortage, packaging machines will face great opportunities and challenges during market development. in the current era, products are constantly upgrading, and high technologies are constantly developing. these make packaging machines seem inadequate. if one machine is a little bit outdated, it will be eliminated by the market. however, if packaging machine manufacturers want to face this problem, they have to change their policies and the old concepts. they have to know how to change to get on the right track, to keep developing stably. to face this problem, the first step is to strengthen self-innovation, introduce advanced equipment and technologies, improve their system and enhance productivity, etc. only by doing these, can they adapt to social development, get through the current situation and develop stably in the market.