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happy children's day, allowing childishness to fly

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— the third hualan npm happy children’s day parents-child campaign was successfully held.
    with fragrance of may, the good time of june is coming. on the occasion of the international children's day, on may 24, hualan npm observed the grand opening of the third happy children’s day parents-child campaign. over 40 children from employees’ families and their parents gathered in hualan, enjoying the happy time of the festival and spending an unforgettable children's day.
    the whole activity was loved and supported by children. in the one and a half hours’ activity, 14 children participated in performance, covering dance, elocnte, singing, instrumental performance and other forms. the enthusiastic dance, naïve songs and cute and serious faces of children won much applause from their parents.
    allowing children and their parents to take this opportunity to further communicate emotionally and draw parent-child relationship closer, the company specially arranges a series of intelligence parent-child mini-games. in the game jump rings, parents held the rings and children jumped, cooperating to complete the game. the whole process fully embodied the tacit understanding between parents and children and drew the distance between children and their parents closer. in the whole parents-child campaign, each family not only won meaningful gifts through their efforts, but also allowed their children to harvest the best memory of their childhood.
    the conduction of successive three years’ “children’s day” activity received consistent praise from employees. parents attended the activity expressed that due to busy work, they couldn’t attend some recreational activities held by schools. so the activity held by the company constructed a platform for them to enhance emotion with children. hope the activity can be continued.