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hualan npm 2016 goal mobilization and 2015 commendation conference is held

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at 2:00 january 28, 2016, the annual commendation conference of jiangsu hualan new pharmaceutical material co., ltd observed the grand opening on the 7f meeting room. main leaders attending this meeting were chairman hua guoping, general manager hua yimin, sales vice general manager xiaofeng, global marketing vice general manager jamil, board secretary zhao shijun, labor union chairman yang julan and technical division deputy manager zhu yinhua, etc. the meeting attendants also include each department leaders, managers and the whole staffs. the meeting was held by hu jing and wang xiaolong.
at the beginning of the meeting, all staffs attending the meeting watched a video. in domestic, the economic downturn pressure increases, variouspain and temper assumed by bosses was unable to tell and the pressure assumed by bosses has no one to share. therefore, as an employee, we should learn to be thankful that your boss still appreciates you and your boss still can pay off you. please treat your boss better.

  then, the company chairman hua guoping gave new year address to the whole employees and summarized 2015, looked forward to 2016 and hoped hualan could obtain more outstanding achievements in 2016. the chairman’s passionate speech drew much applause of the audience. to create harmonious and happy meeting atmosphere, after finishing the speech, the chairman suggested issuing wechat red packets to each employee on site. the site atmosphere turned white-hot immediately. everyone actively participated in wechat grabing red packets. employees who grabing red packets hope to have a good luck in the next year. meanwhile, the administrative personnel department also bring joyful dance, with implied meaning of booming the following year.

   in the ebullient atmosphere, outstanding employees dressed with red ribbons and wore big red flowers on the chest, with glory light shining them. to be rated as outstanding employee, excellent manager, excellent job foreman and excellent team or group, the harmonious team issued medals and bonus and expressed warm congratulations to prize-winning employees and contribution made to the company in the past one year. the prize-winning employees also brought prize-winning addresses and songs and dances at the same time.

2015 is an extraordinary year for hualan npm. when facing various difficulties and challenges, all hualan staffs struggled and went ahead doggedly to closely follow the company development steps and put through difficulties one after another, obtaining outstanding achievement for the company. there are paying a return. therefore, chairman hua guoping and general manager hua yimin issued 2015 annual profit bonus, year-end welfare and new year's eve dinner tickets, allowing the whole employees to witness the inspiring scene of win-win and sharing by the company and the employees and encouraging each staffs to make concerted effort and achieve another good result at the same time, obtaining more warefares in 2016.

respecting and loving aged and compassionating difficulty families is the caring of chairman and general manager to all employees all the time and hope each employee can feel this warm in hualan npm this big family and can pull together in times of trouble and unite and love each other. chairman and general manager provided subsidies for employees’ parents above 75 years old and developing serious diseases and the needy workers.
at last, in the stirring lucky draw link, the general manager drew 5 lucky employees at random. after issuing lucky prize, general manager made conclusion at this commendation conference, hoping in 2016, we can unite together to explore and innovate, composing the more glorious and gorgeous chapters for hualan.

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