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hualan npm hands touching wall launching ceremony was officially held

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on april 15, 2016, hualan npm hands touching wall launching ceremony was officially held in the company. over 50 of the company each department excellent representatives attend the activities.
the chairman hua guoping explained this activity in the launching ceremony. he said hualan has developped for 25 years. thank for hualan people’s hard work in each period. today, hualan hands touching wall activity is designed with the spirit of thanksgiving, sharing, creation and inheritance, creating a hand touching wall with permanent commemorative significance through collecting the handprints of hualan people making special contribution to hualan in each period of hualan’s development to constantly inherit and carry forward hualan people’s professional dedication and determined spirit.
on the site, the first person leaving his handprint is the company technical consultant mr. otto who has been 80 years old and was invited to join in hualan three years ago. although he was old, he still transferred flight twice from a great distance europe to china hualan, bringing new idea and concept and giving hualan technology guide. for three years, under the support and help of mr. otto, hualan’s manufacturing technique has been improved, technology has been constantly created and product quality has been improved. his contribution is obvious to all and his professional dedication is admired by all hualan people. as the first person of hualan hand touching wall, mr. otto was very excited and expressed his thanks for the recognition by chairman hua guoping and general manager mr. hua yimin. he said he joint in hualan and worked together with everyone for three years, which would be his most unforgettable thing in his life and also is the challenge to his career. during this period, he witnessed all hualan colleague’s endeavor and progress. if there is another chance, he would learn chinese well to better communicate with everyone. meanwhile, he also wished hualan can become better.
in future, the company will constantly collect the handprint of excellent hualan people to constantly enlarging the hand touching wall, taking root in hualan and contantly passing down.