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hualan npm carried out people and police talkfest

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to further strengthen the relationship between police and the public and guarantee enterprise comprehensive security administration, at 9:00 a.m. on april 21, jiangyin city shengang local police station deputy inspector sun jianhua and people's police held “people and police talkfest” in the first meeting room of our company. shengang local police station police miu jia and over 20 hualan npm middle-level and above management representative had an informal conversation.

deputy inspector sun jianhua carried out introduction to jiangyin’s security situation, analyzed current security problems existing in enterprise production and employee life and reminded hualan employees to pay attention to daily safe guard consciousness, fire safety consciousness, traffic accidents and precaution of thefts. police officer miao jia also reminded employees that the internet and telecommunication fraud emerges in endlessly and was impossible to defend effectively at present, so everyone must be on the alert. once meeting such fraud situation, call the police at first time.

in respect of problems meeting in daily production and life, management representative could ask as many questions as possible and the police officer miao jia answered one by one in details. the atmosphere of the scene was very harmony. through this sincere conversation, all polices of shengang local police station recorded opinions fed back by employees carefully as the basis for following work conduction. this action further deepened affective interaction between police and the public and promoted enterprise harmonious security construction, building good security environment for enterprises.