transcendence of ourselves, physical training of team members to soar our dreams! ——2018 team development activity of hualan-ag九游会登录j9入口


transcendence of ourselves, physical training of team members to soar our dreams! ——2018 team development activity of hualan

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transcendence of ourselves, physical training of team members to soar our dreams! ——2018 team development activity of hualan
in order to better hone the will of employees and strengthen the cohesiveness, centripetal force and execution of the company team, the company has carried out the team building activity of trekking huihang ancient road in october 21, 2018. the huihang ancient road was an important channel for the exchange of trade between huizhou merchants and zhejiang merchants in history. it is the hard way for a generation of merchants to carry the lifeline. this time, we carried forward the spirit of the long march of the red army and used our own footsteps to measure the history of the ancient road and to feel the business road of merchants who had endured all the hardships of exposure.

at 8 o'clock in the morning, the hualan team arrived at the entrance of the huihang ancient road and walked about 300 meters along the road to the important gateway of the huihang ancient road, the main passage of qingliang peak —— "the first pass of jiangnan", and all members took a group photo here.

the team is full of energy and moving forward with great enthusiasm......

walking in the mountains, there were no shackles, only the quiet mountains, the whistling sound of the wind, and occasionally a few birds singing, all allowed us to enjoy the vitality of nature, everything was so natural and harmonious. along the way, wildflowers and weeds accompanied us, we couldn’t remember how many streams and rivers crossed, how many forests, and how many hikers met in the narrow road. we saw walnut tree and the chestnut tree, knew the hardships of the people in the mountains to pick walnuts, every single food in mountain was difficult to get. along the meandering mountain roads, we intermittently rested and replenished our energy, and sighed with feeling on the hardship business road of early huizhou merchants, and eventful years of hard struggle and revolutionary victory of red army during long march.
perhaps it was a test for the hualan team. in the afternoon, it started to rain in the huihang ancient road. the rain washed the mountains more vividly, and the roads in the mountains became more muddy and bumpy, and the drizzle of the rain accompanied us for long time. raining in the forest, as if it had stirred up a historical sound that passed through the time, accompanied by the firm pace of the hualan team reverberating in the huihang ancient road.
along the way, the team members flocked in a group, wore raincoat, carried bags and used trekking pole to walk on the rugged mountain road in the rain. our raincoats were scratched by the branches, our trousers were soaked, and our shoes were full of mud. but everyone didn't care this, everyone was full of energy and preparing to make the final spurt to the commanding height.
the team members encouraged each other and helped each other to experience the charm of walking!
from morning to afternoon, from clear weather to rainy weather, like hu xueyan of the year, hualan team quietly accumulated strength and stepped forward in the industry step by step.
ancient road is hiding in mountains, and the green water witnesses our journey. walking on the huihang ancient road, hualan team members overlooked the mountains in the fog; breathed fresh air; measured the muddy mountain road by feet; we stepped down the dangerous and difficult road. not afraid of hardships, not afraid of wind and rain, not afraid of falling, this is the team spirit of hualan.
after a day of hiking and group building activity, the team members said that they were very grateful to the company for organizing such meaningful group building activities, which enabled them to feel the huizhou merchant culture and the beauty of nature. especially the 21-kilometer walk along huihang ancient road, it will be an unforgettable memory. a member from the sales team of the company made a poetry to witness this:
scenery view along the huihang ancient road, clouds and haze made us feel staying in a wonderland;
it was great hardship after finishing the journey along the mountain road, but we stick to it by confidence.
here is our thanks to mr.hua for giving welfare to us, and we will work harder in the future.
new great achievements will be gained next year, best wishes to the listing of hualan.


if we have strong will, we can challenge with all impossibilities, for persistence is victory. hiking in rainy day is not a show, not nourishment, but toughness and persistence.

as the industry leader, hualan will always maintain a high level of strength and innovation, and explore a greater development space on the world stage. hualan team will take this determination to overcome difficulties and deep understanding to life to set off again, overcome difficulties, be persevered and move forward to create a better future!