“gathering strength and setting sail for the dream” – conclusion of hualan company’s 2018 summary & praise meeting & 2019 new year party-ag九游会登录j9入口


“gathering strength and setting sail for the dream” – conclusion of hualan company’s 2018 summary & praise meeting & 2019 new year party

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“gathering strength and setting sail for the dream” – conclusion of hualan company’s 2018 summary & praise meeting & 2019 new year party
sing joyous songs in the year of the dog  
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january 19th, 2019
gathering strength and setting sail for the dream.
jiangsu hualan new pharmaceutical material co., ltd.
conclusion of the annual grand meeting
2018 is a year of harvest for the company, which blazed a way through all obstacles. with the vigorous support and assistance of people in all sectors of society, under the correct leadership of the board of directors and the concern of the shareholders and through concerted efforts of the company’s all employees, hualan company achieved extraordinary performances, realized various targets of production and operation perfectly and remarkably enhanced the enterprise’s comprehensive strength.
the staffs of hualan gathered together and reviewed dribs and drabs of the company’s 26-year development. it is through each firm step that hualan has achieved the stable and rapid development. reviewing the history, the hualan staffs will cherish the present even more. the new year marks a new journey and new expectations. all hualan employees will gather strengths and set sail for the dream.

the annual meeting began among the chairperson’s ebullient opening remarks.

1. mr. hua guoping, the company’s managing director delivered a new year greeting speech
    reviewing the dribs and drabs of the past year, i, as the founder of hualan company, will thank all of you for your efforts. it is through your painstaking efforts that the company has achieved the performances today. in the new year, please allow me to deliver new year wishes to all of you present and your family members. i wish you happy family reunion and good luck in everything in the new year.
2. praise advanced individuals and teams

in the work of 2018, the company’s employees united as one and forged ahead, giving full play to their wisdoms at their posts. so a batch of advanced individuals and teams emerged. to praise them, set good examples and stimulate all employees to open a new situation for the company, the company awarded the excellent employee prize, excellent newbie prize, excellent manager prize, marketing elite prize, best team prize, excellent group prize and best innovation prize.

3. grant commemorative gold bars to employees working more than 10 years and generalized welfares
at the annual meeting, the company granted generalized welfares, subsidies for seniorcitizens, subsidies for employees’ serious illnesses and subsidies for needy employees, showing solicitude for the employees and relatives so that they could enjoy a peaceful and happy new year. in addition, the rapid development is closely associated with the painstaking efforts of the old employees. in order to thank them for the wisdom and strengths they contributed to the enterprise, the company granted commemorative gold bars to those who had worked for more than 10 years.
4. a cppcc memberdelivered a speech titled happiness is achieved by striving hard – the power of life
    at the annual meeting, the company’s general manager invited liu wenqing, a cppcc member to deliver a speech titled happiness is achieved by striving hard – the power of life. he expounded infinite possibilities of life and the power of dreams with his own experience. he was so passionate that everyone on the spot was deeply moved. each hualan employee became firmer in their belief. they will persevere and strive hard, making their contributions to the development of the company.
5. mr. hua yimin, the company’s general manager made a summary at the annual meeting
looking back to 2018, the company has undergone many hardships and made today’s achievements with perspirations and tears. hualan has been making progress all along. the performances were achieved with painstaking efforts so we must cherish them and have a more sober understanding of ourselves. the more ambitious goals are waiting for us ahead. in 2019, hualan will have a broader development prospect.
6. program performance

hot songs and dances took turns to be displayed. in order to thank the company for granting the annual scholarships forthree good” students, the children of our two employees brought latin dance as a opening show to the meeting, driving up the spot atmosphere. the songs nothing‘s ganna change my love for you and sudden self were so touching. the appealing performance sichuan embroidery vagabond pipa combined pipa and dance perfectly.

members of each department all pitched into the performance. the stage show the best stage and short sketch 0.2 billion yuan of orders shocked everyone on the spot.

in working clothes, the hualan employees can work hard. in splendid attires, they can ignite the atmosphere of the spot. the employees are versatile. they performed the electronic piano solo the moon represents my heart and sang the song forgetting sorrow. the last song i believe made all hualan employees have sublimed emotion, more confident and more resolute.

7. lucky draw

          the company had prepared plentiful prizes for the annual meeting so that all employees could come home loaded with tangible benefits. koi fun. with the raffling of each fabulous prize, the annual meeting is continuously being pushed to a new high.


8. celebrate a toast. the managing director and the general manager sang passionately.

the performances belong to the past
we still have to work hard for our dreams
new opportunities, new challenges and new development
with passion and tenacity,
with sincerity and perseverance, all employees of hualan will write a new chapter for the new year.
the hualan employees believe: our future will be brighter.
our cause will be more glorious and resplendent.