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good news! hualan npm awarded a japanese utility model patent certificate

release date:2019-09-18

good news! hualan npm awarded a japanese utility model patent certificate

our company was awarded a japanese utility model patent certificate for a type of membrane-coated rubber plug through the patent cooperation treaty (pct) in july, 2019.

for many years, our company has always believed that technological innovation is the basis of enterprise survival, and technological development is the platform for enterprise taking off. the utility model patent not only is the result of our developers’ efforts, but also shows our innovative strength. our company is always empowered by constant innovation, pursues continuous improvement and development, protects our independent intellectual property rights hardly, and fully plays our strength in the technological field. this utility model patent certificate also marks another solid step in the road of innovation and development.

the patent adds a line of defense for the safe production of injection fluid. the confirmation and protection of japan, one of the main developed countries, shortens the gap of scientific and technological innovation between hualan and advanced countries in the world. as the result, our company may open the market of japan, to lay a foundation for the business development in the future; and at the same time, it helps further improve our intellectual property protection system, to form a continuous innovation mechanism, to keep our technological leadership, and to promote our core competitiveness and brand value. moreover, it also marks a new step of hualan in intellectual property management, and is another milestone in the history of our company.

our company will develop more technologies and processes and apply for more international patents, to keep our innovation leadership in the industry all around the world. we will also focus on the independent innovation ability and further enhance the intellectual property management, to strongly support the constant and efficient development, and to strive to be a new benchmark of the industry.