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hualan npm carried out employees training actively

release date:2019-09-18

hualan npm carried out employees training actively

to improve comprehensive quality and ability of all company staffs, strengthen exchange and communication among departments, further improve employees’ occupational skills and management ability and create a good learning atmosphere, the company took full advantage of shut down and overhaul and carried out a series of staff training work.

this series of training are mainly for improving positive initiative of all employees and creating a learning-oriented team. therefore, the company focused on all staffs training and all departments carried out training actively. this training, including several inner training on employee manual, safety production and effective communication, etc., faced all employees. meanwhile, some departments also organized technical training together, enabling the training to proceed as planned, targeted and effectively.

the company actively set up a learning platform, creating opportunities and conditions for the entire personnel. the jiangsu province model worker, specially invited teacher of jiangyin city federation of trade unions and enterprise senior training teacher ji jianqing lecturer conducted training on enterprise effective communication. at the training site, staffs studied seriously, discussed carefully and did their best to learn knowledge. this training insists the principle of written examination and site test to guarantee study quality and effect.

at the end of training, all personnel attending the training submitted their study notes, reinforced their learning and improved work efficiency. the company will continue to carry out training facing all employees by different level, by category and selectively, assisting the company to constantly improve itself in various business areas and management activities and create values.