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2019 hualan npm employees’ children forum and scholarship award ceremony

release date:2019-09-18

2019 hualan npm employees’ children forum and scholarship award ceremony

“persevere ten years in one's studies in spite of hardships to succeed in the government examination. it is not only their parents’ pride, but also the company’s pride for those children to get excellent grades.” to care about their employees and families, encourage employees’ children to study hard, strive to become the pillar of the country and contribute to the country and society, on august 30, 2019, hualan npm employee’ children forum and scholarship award ceremony was held in the company meeting room. the company awarded scholarship to those excellent employees’ children who had obtained merit student title and been admitted to key high schools and universities, including those had been admitted to jiangyin key senior high schools, domestic “985”, “211”, xi'an jiaotong university, university of manchester and university of toronto, canada, etc.

to thank for employees’ continuous support for the company and embody the company’s principle of respecting for learning and talents, the company specially sets the scholarship forum each year and invites excellent company employees’ children to attend so as to listen to the children and encourage children to grow stronger; in addition, the company also holds scholarship award ceremony to award excellent employees’ children, which not only allows employees to share achievement of hualan’s development, but also embody the company’s care for employees, playing an active role in strengthening the company’s cohesive force. the company calls all employees to endeavor to cultivate their children while building their career in company, storing more state pillars for the country.

those excellent children were highly motivated and inspired and have expressed they would certainly cherish valuable learning time, study hard and succeed in a special field of study to return for their parents’ foster and company leaders’ love and trust with excellent marks. employees have expressed that they would be more dedicated to their job, love factory as home, carefully perform their duties well and educate their society in future.