hualan npm organized and carried out reading party learning activities-ag九游会登录j9入口


hualan npm organized and carried out reading party learning activities

release date:2020-07-14

in order to create a dense reading atmosphere and forge a learning organization, the company carried out the first reading party activity on july 3 afternoon. over 150 people, including company general manager, middle and senior leaders and all office staffs, attended this activity.

the company provided more than 300 books for this activities involving business administration, communication skill, logical thinking ability and professional reference books, etc. that can meet the diverse reading needs of employees. employees actively participated in this reading party, cherished the reading environment provided by the company very much and swam happily in the ocean of knowledge. learning is an endless process. the friday reading party activity formulated by the company carries the desire of hualan people on knowledge and is also one of the ways by which the company enriches employees’ life. later, the company will also plan to collect various books fit for everyone to read, so as to constantly perfect the reading party activity and create the long-term pattern of all staff reading.

reading is a pleasure, a kind of enjoyment and also a deep spiritual purification and sublimation. the company general manager hopes that such collective reading and sharing activities organized and carried out regularly can inspire wisdom, build a learning and communication platform and create a good learning and communication atmosphere to allow employees to cultivate a good reading habit and thinking habit. the company will carry on this activity to allow all persons loving reading to participate in it and actively share reading, making elegant book flavor lingering in all corners of the company.