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good news of hualan keeps pouring in

release date:2020-08-27

good news one: recently, 2020 wuxi “taihu talent program” candidates list was officially published, in which quality director mr. feng shaoming of our company was chosen with great honor.

good news two: the “peng chee wai studio” of our company was successively recognized as “ jiangyin foreign expert studio” by jiangyin municipal science and technology bureau.

adhering to the concept of innovative development all the time, hualan, through introduction of international top talents and establishment of foreign expert studio, adds soaring wings to the company for accessing to high-quality development channel and opens up more diversified channels for its innovation path: concept innovation, management innovation, product innovation, technological innovation and marketing innovation. we believe that hualan can certainly remain invincible in the tide of marketing competition of survival of the fittest through constant reform and innovation to promote self-development.