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happy children's day: parent-offspring activity of hualan stock holdings

release date:2012-06-02

happy children's day: parent-offspring activity of hualan stock holdings

    in order to build harmonious and civilized cultural environment, show concern of the company to the youth staff's offspring and let the youth staff's offspring spend a happy, unforgettable & meaningful international children's day, hualan stock holdings co., ltd. has elaborately planned and carried out a refreshing "happy children's day: parent-offspring activity".

    at 2 p.m. on june 1st, more than 40 children participated in this activity in the company of their parents. general manager, mr. hua yimin participated in the activity and wished all the children happy & healthy growth.

    on the activity site, the children gave the performance of wonderful programs including poem recitation, tongue twister, dance and song etc. and brought round after round of applause. especially the dance "unique" by child wang yuhan won round after round of applause from the audience and pushed the environment of the activity to a new high. among the performances abundance of the heart, the company has specially arranged the funny parent-offspring activities including seeking baby, struggling for chair and happy riding to let the children spend this special holiday with their parents in the happy laughters and cheerful voices.

    the company's trade union has specially prepared souvenir on the holiday, school bag and hope them succeed in study and grow healthily.


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