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reinforce fire drill to improve fire-fighting skills

release date:2012-06-19

               reinforce fire drill to improve fire-fighting skills

in order to earnestly implement the principle of “put prevention first and combine prevention with elimination”, strengthen the training regarding the fire-fighting knowledge and fire-fighting skills, improve the self-protection awareness of all employees and protect staff's life and company's assets safety, the company organized a fire drill at 9:00 june 17.

before the fire drill, the company has organized all employees to watch fire-fight knowledge warning films and simulation survival test activities to let all employees pay attention to fire-fighting skills. then, security department responsible person explained various safety problems in fire scene that should be paid attention to and introduced in detail the basic principle, operation method and matters needing attention of fire extinguisher. moreover, the security personnel of the company perform field drill regarding the use of fire extinguishers.

after the lecture and the field drill were finished, the fire drill was officially started. with the guide of leaders, all employees performed dry powder extinguisher fire drill. each employee was full of enthusiasm and actively participated in it. some employees consulted leaders for the problems they met in the first drill and asked to perform a second fire drill. although braving scorching sun, each employee completed fire-fighting task calmly and orderly and mastered the key points of fire extinction.

through this fire drill, the safety awareness of the company employees is further strengthened and the skilled application of fire-fighting equipment is reinforced, which lay a solid foundation for effectively and orderly implementing emergence work in future.


                                  all employ watch warning films


                                                   drill scene