expert group of state food and drug administration came to hualan company for checking the researching-ag九游会登录j9入口


expert group of state food and drug administration came to hualan company for checking the researching

release date:2012-07-04

expert group of state food and drug administration came to hualan company for checking the researching

    in the morning of june 26,  the expert group composed of registration department, safety supervision department and auditing department of the state food and drug administration, as well as shanghai packaging materials institute, jinan packaging materials institute and the national institutes for food and drug control come to hualan company for on-site checking the researching. the principal responsible persons of the drug administration of jiangsu province and wuxi city and related business department heads also participated in this activities.

    without notice, at 9:30 am, the group firstly arrived company's wisdom source for on-site research.  chairman hua guoping, general manager hua yimin, vice president of production and quality control miu yiming, quality department minister wu jianqin, director of research and development center zhuyin hua and other relevant staffs participated in the research. mr wu, the secretary of  safety supervision department of the state food and drug administration pointed out that in order to strengthen the daily supervision and administration on the drug packaging materials, have further understanding of  safety and quality of drug packaging materials, the national bureau arranged the on-site research . through the research to improve systemic of drug packaging management, to improve the control of drug packaging during the production processes to ensure drug quality and safety. he also hope that companies can submit recommendations and suggestions to supervision, service and system which need improving of supervision department on the base of their demands in daily  production and operation management. subsequently, the chairman of the company,mr. hua made a brief report for the development of company , current production and operation situation and the future development direction of the company. during the research, mr. hua made a analysis for the expert group on the conditions of packaging materials market which proposed by mr. wu. he said that the chinese enterprises of packaging materials on only faced domestic competitions, but also international competitions because foreign companies intensified the domestic market day by day.  if you want to continue to survive and develop, it must rely on continuous technological innovation, advanced management tools, excellent product quality. mr. hua also have a introduction for high-tech products which produced by their independent research and development , a medicinal laminating butyl rubber stopper that specialized in applications of high-end therapeutic drugs. at the same time, mr. hua said that the company will always be "the hualan's product is equal to drugs, the responsibility of hualan is safe and effective" as the quality policy to arming all staffs, take the people's drug safety as the first social responsibility.

    after the meeting, the expert group checked the production site of rubber stopper, air purification systems, process water system, qa, qc laboratories, finished products and raw materials warehouses etc., and focused on examination of the implementation of the standards of production processes and packaging materials' quality. chairman hua guoping, general manager hua yimin accompanied the on-site visit, and made professional answers which submitted by leaders and experts one by one .

    through the research, the group have fully affirmative to the  public management and control by the network system of rubber stopper production site. meanwhile, the group also hopes that hualan group can find the weakness in the research and continue to strengthen the management of the details in the production process, to ensure the quality of packaging materials.