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people oriented - take care of the development of employees’ children

release date:2013-08-23

people oriented - take care of the development of employees’ children

      on the afternoon of 21 august, 2013, the annual scholarship granting ceremony for excellent employees’ children of hualan and also the forum was officially held. the employee’s excellent children, senior high school students and college students and their parents attended the forum.

     this time, it was highly valued by the company and the president attended it in person and shared his education experience with every parent. the fuling factory in chongqing synchronized this scholarship granting ceremony in video.

      on the site of the activity, the president extended a very warm speech. he first congratulated on the outstanding achievements the parents and their children had got. he said that the company has always been granting scholarships to employees’ children that are excellent in character and learning based on the respect to knowledge and talents. this scholarship was not only the recognition to your achievements, but more of an encouragement to other employee’s children.

      the company hopes that each and every one of you can make a good plan of your life, take the chance to learn and learn more when you are young and set a solid foundation for your future so that when you have grown up, you will be able to returen the society and your parents with your own actions. this is an attitude of responsibility to yourselves and your parents. afterwards, the president shared his own learning and education experience with the parents and proposed his ardent hopes for the students. in this activity, the student representative li tian and parent representative miao zhireng made excellent speeches on behalf of the students and parents.

      this year, the jiangyin factory and fuling factory in chongqing of hualan totally rewarded 49 excellent students. among them, there were 28 triple a students, 11 students was admitted by key senior high schools, 7 were admitted by key universities, 2 postgraduates and 1phd. the amount of scholarship was over 40,000 rmb.