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be thankful to you for 10 years hand-in-hand

release date:2014-03-19

hualan npm issued souvenir

    on march 15, 2014, the activity of issuing souvenir gold bars with the theme of “be thankful to you for 10 years hand-in-hand and” was held in the second administrative building of the company. in this activity, total 121 old workers who served the company for ten years won the welfare and enjoyed this grand meeting with the chairman.

    at 9 o’clock in the morning, the activity was stared on time. the chairman made an important speech before issuing souvenir gold bars, in which he expressed thanks to the workers’ long-term payment and contribution again and again. he said ten years’ hand-in-hand growth and development, reorganization and determination to the company, persistence all the way and sweat and tears has been irrigating the company. the public’s loyal payment, solidarity and cooperation was the valuable asset of the company and the example for all workers to study. hope more hualan new people can show their talents and realize their dream here and step to the medals podium of next ten years. then the company chairman hua guoping and the labor union chairman yang julan gave out the gold bars one by one. after receiving the gold bars, all old workers were radiant with joy and expressed their thanks to the company for affirming their work for many years and they would contribute to the company harder and more attentively with a grateful heart.

    hualan always insists the “people oriented” management philosophy in its operation and put the earning of workers and income of the company in the same position. in future, there will be more new workers of the company experience 10 years and the company will also issue gold bars as souvenir. we believe, with the constant development and growth of the company, hualan people’s work and life will become more beautiful.

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working together for 10 years