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pfizer came to our company for visit and investigation

release date:2017-03-28

n the morning of march 28, 3017, a spring march day, pfizer general zhang and his team were welcomed to our company for annual field visit and investigation, the reception of which was arranged in details by the company chairman hua guoping and each department directors.
in the meeting, company chairman made detailed introduction to the company current development status as well as current rubber stopper technology improvement and sales cases.
at the end of the meeting, accompanied by each department main responsible person, general cao and his team visited the company manufacturing shop, r&d center and raw & auxiliary materials warehouse, etc. in the course of visit, the company leaders and relevant working staffs answered various questions put forward in details. their rich specialized knowledge and well trained ability left profound impression to customers.

after visit, customers developed deep impression on the company’s good work environment, ordered production process, strict quality control, harmonious working environment and hard-working employees and carried out profound discussion with the company top management in respect of their future cooperation matters, hoping to realize complementary win-win and mutual development in future proposed cooperation programs.