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hualan escort for security and effectiveness of china monoclonal antibody agents

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at the time of innovative bio-pharmaceuticals changing with each passing day globally, monoclonal antibody agents are one of vital medicines treating patients and extending their lives, which have the characteristic of high specificity, strong targeting and low toxic and side effect, etc. and are recognized and accepted by a lot of patients. monoclonal antibody agents belong to one of the most popular biopharmaceutical research and development fields. 
up to now, dozens of therapeutic antibody drugs- monoclonal antibody agents  approved to launch by america fda has grown rapidly and produced huge social benefit and economic benefit. at present, for various biotech drugs in preclinical and clinical research, antibody products account most and anti-tumor antibody drugs are at the forefront. for the time being, monoclonal antibody agents have been widely used in the clinic treatment of tumour.
as monoclonal antibody is a kind of proteinic drug with biological activity, its development process and manufacturing technique is more complicated than small molecule drugs. research and development of antibody drugs require long time prior scientific research, clinical test and therapeutic effect test, etc. process. existing pharmaceutical companies cooperating with hualan, including hengrui medicine, qilu pharmaceutical co., ltd., beigene, bio-thera, sichuan kelun, hisun pharmaceutical, livzon group, chiatai tianqing, guojian pharmaceutical and genor biophama, etc. total 16 companies, have chosen various types of film coated rubber stoppers of hualan for clinical research, associated declaration and consistency  evaluation. hualan npm, as the pioneer and pacemaker of our country’s high-end injection inner package material (rubber stopper) in the monoclonal antibody field, escorts for security of china high-end injection and provides various rubber stoppers with safety guarantee that directly contact injection inner packing for patients.  
hualan is proud of the great progress that has obtained by china pharmaceutical companies as the main cooperative partner of monoclonal antibody enterprises in domestic. hualan always insists the quality policy of “hualan products equaling to medicine and hualan responsible for security and effectiveness”, makes strict demands on itself, strictly controls quality and develops together with more china pharmaceutical companies to gain more domestic and foreign orders and brings benefit to more domestic and foreign patients.