“send health as a gift to fulfill filial duty”—hualan npm organized physical examination activities for employees and their parents”-ag九游会登录j9入口


“send health as a gift to fulfill filial duty”—hualan npm organized physical examination activities for employees and their parents”

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with the corporate benefits system becoming better and approaching perfection day by day, to improve physical fitness level of hualan employees and inspire employees’ enthusiasm for work, the company pulled back the curtain of annual physical examination activity for employees and their parents from november 4, 2019 to november 9, 2019. 
with the accelerating pace of life and increasing working pressure, physical fitness appears to be particularly important. starting from caring employees’ health, to construct harmonious internal environment, the company has presented physical examination benefits to employees and their parents for four successive years. to guarantee the physical examination goes on successfully, the company contacted the physical examination organization of jiangyin people's hospital in advance and formulated physical examination implementation plan in details. this physical examination activity covers surgical examination, ecg examination, chest radiography and liver function examination, etc. several items. participated employees arrived at the physical examination center early and were examined item by item under guidance of medical staffs. 
periodic physical examination is very important to everyone. it is not only responsible for themselves, but also responsible for their family, their enterprise and the society to carry out physical examination. hualan npm regularly organized physical examination activities for employees and their parents each year, so as to allow everyone to comprehensively understand their physical condition and do prevention work or treatment for illness.

this physical examination activities gave full expression to hualan npm’s care for employees, allowing everyone to feel warmth of the big hualan family. the company has paid high attention to physical and psychological health of employees and organizes employees for physical examination regularly. through physical examination, they can timely learn about their physical condition, take targeted preventive measures and strengthen physical exercise. only with healthy body and positive mental attitude can employees actively devote to their work and welcome new challenge to contribute their strength to the company’s development.