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endless love to yushu, hualan is always doing its part!

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in nangqian county, yushu, qinghai province, there is a sunshine welfare school, of which students are mostly local orphans, students from single parent family and extraordinarily poor students. the company general manager hua yimin heard by chance that the students in that school were worried about the coming winter because they couldn’t afford their winter school uniforms in october last year. he immediately ordered 290 down jackets and 290 pairs of warm shoes and sent to children in the name of hualan npm. meanwhile, he also called all company employees to make donation to children.

in september this year, general manager hua learned from the teacher caiding quzhong that children couldn’t buy warm clothing due to family poverty and only one down jacket they received last year was not enough to resist cold winter, because they had nothing to replace. therefore, general manager hua arranged the company administrative department to re-order down jackets for 311 students at once and organized a charity contribution activity in the company again. hualan npm employees answered to the call and enthusiastically donated their own clothes.

on october 25, after receiving those clothes, the teacher caiding quzhong of the sunshine welfare school sent site photos and videos of students expressing their gratitude. in october, qinghai has already been winter. this batch of clothes timely gave warm to students. in the cold winter, students, replaced with clothes donated by hualan, singing the song a grateful heart, expressed their deep feeling of gratitude. the company hope students can turn the feeling of gratitude to hardworking impetus and contribute to the country and the society with excellent marks.

this donation activity has already been the second time for hualan to “makes good affinity” with the sunshine welfare school. children are the future of the country. children in mountains need our care and help. the company hope to improve children’s living conditions through donating clothes to students of welfare elementary schools.

for many years, the company pays attention to employees’ sense of social responsibility. they organized to carry out charitable donation, care for the elderly and volunteer to help, etc.social activities for public good, allowing hualan employees to sense priceless of loving heart and joy of devotion. through charity contribution activity, the company not only sent warm to students needing help, but also further carried forward a new style of socialist civilization and promoted social harmony. the company will gather more public welfare power to allow charity activities to warm more people in straitened circumstances.