warmly congratulate bevacizumab of qilu pharmaceutical co., ltd. will be approved soon. -ag九游会登录j9入口


warmly congratulate bevacizumab of qilu pharmaceutical co., ltd. will be approved soon.

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in july 2018, qilu pharmaceutical co., ltd. firstly declared “heavy bomb class” anticancer drug bevacizumab biosimilar in domestic. in august 2019, qilu pharmaceutical co., ltd. succeeded in registration, production and development site check by state drug administration and gmp certification by provincial drug administration synchronously. the product trade name is defined as: agoda. 
it is estimated by the end of 2019 or 2020, the first domestic bevacizumab biosimilar will be available.  
bevacizumab injection is the first vascular endothelial growth factor (vegf) inhibitor approved listing in the world, which initially fit for treatment of the adaptation disease. after continual development of adaptation disease, it gradually becomes the first antiangiogenic drug widely applied in advanced cancer treatment. by now, america only approved one type of bevacizumab biosimilar. on february 26,2010, bevacizumab entered chinese market. qilu pharmaceutical co., ltd. firstly submitted listing application for bevacizumab biosimilar and became the first echelon for this variety development. 
as one of the long-term partners with qilu pharmaceutical co., ltd., hualan feels pride for the tremendous progress that has been obtained by qilu pharmaceutical co., ltd. while congratulating on qilu pharmaceutical co., ltd.. with regard to a pharmaceutical enterprise, medicine concerns people’s life safety as a special commodity. both in domestic or in foreign countries, regulation on it is double cautious. 
as the pacemaker in the pharmaceutical packaging industry, hualan always insists the quality policy of “hualan products equaling to medicine and hualan responsibility being safe and effective”, which is not a slogan shouted at random, but is real truth and fact that we should always be kept in mind. every product manufactured by us is closely bound up with life, health and safety of every people. 
in future, we should be stricter with ourselves, control quality well and cooperate with qilu pharmaceutical co., ltd. and all cooperative pharmaceutical companies to benefit domestic and foreign patients.