jiangsu hualan new pharmaceutical material co., ltd. carried out 2020 annual fire safety training and emergency drill activity-ag九游会登录j9入口


jiangsu hualan new pharmaceutical material co., ltd. carried out 2020 annual fire safety training and emergency drill activity

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to consolidate and improve company fire safety management work, actively implement the work safety month theme of “eliminating accident potential and building solid security line” on june, better guarantee company and employees’ life and property safety, effectively prevent and reduce fire accidents. on june 21, the company specially carried out 2020 annual fire safety training and emergency drill activity.

teacher xu of wuxi fire training center, by virtue of his work experience from enterprise fire safety teaching for many years, through analyzing recent typical fire accident cases and combining shocking fire scene pictures and soul-searching video chips, explained main causes of conventional fire and prevention measures in simple language and proper disposal method in case of fire, including how to properly give an alarm, how to help themselves, how to put out fire in its initial stage and how to evacuate and escape in emergency, etc. fire safety knowledge, letting employees know the severe harm to society and family brought by fire and realize that “fire safety is everyone's responsibility”.

fire drill is strictly proceeded one item by another orderly in accordance with company safety management system and company fire emergency drill pre-arranged planning. during drill, following drill site instruction is given out, communication liaison group, evacuation guidance group, fire fighting group, guard group, etc. relevant personnel were in place rapidly. all personnel took the tense situation calmly, fought together and completed safe evacuation and fire fighting work rapidly and orderly. the drill achieved desired effect.

there is no trifle for safety. at 11:42 on june 22, 2010, an accidental fire seriously damaged the company. it is a moment doomed to be always kept in mind by hualan staffs. that fire brought heavy loss and profound lesson to the company, therefore, we must always bear in mind. although the scar is cured, pain will never be forgotten. it is everyone’s responsibility and mission to pay attention to production safety and improve safety awareness.

for many years, the company has attached great importance to fire safety construction, which practically strengthens employees’ ability of handling emergencies through holding fire fighting and safety training and drill activity regularly, powerfully guarantees employee and company safety. the company adheres to the principle of “life first, safe development” at any time and puts safety production in the first place. with this fire emergency drill as an opportunity, the company increases fire safety training, education and publicity efforts, tightens safety string and warns everyone to grasp safety from the start and source, so as to truly nip trouble in the bud.