hualan npm, together with several its pharmaceutical company clients, contributes to develop coronavirus vaccines-ag九游会登录j9入口


hualan npm, together with several its pharmaceutical company clients, contributes to develop coronavirus vaccines

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by june 28, confirmed covid-19 cases had exceeded 10 million worldwide and cumulative number of death cases had been close to 500000. by now, there hasn’t any specific medicine for novel coronavirus pneumonia treatment. therefore, it has become the common wish for world scientific and technical workers to develop vaccines as early as possible to prevent and control the novel coronavirus pneumonia.

the academician of the chinese academy of engineering zhong nanshan expressed in his interview that: china is walking in the first square matrix of vaccine development. at present, there are five vaccines entering into phase two clinical test. so, our speed is not slow at all.

the company is leading in biological vaccine rubber stopper market share and specially supports the coronavirus vaccine development. among company clients: institute of bioengineering, institute of military medicine, academy of military sciences and cansino biologics inc. have already finished phaseⅱclinical test and are cooperating with canadian academy of military medicine; institute of medical sciences, wuhan institute of biological products, beijing institute of biology and sinovac research & development co., ltd. are conducting phase ii clinical test; zhilong feike, etc. 6 pharmaceutical company clients as well as the university of hong kong and xiamen university are conducting phaseⅰclinical test; shanghai institute of biology, etc. four pharmaceutical company clients are conducting pre-clinical research and development.

the covid-19 vaccine products entering into clinical testing phase all apply two kinds of glass packaging: glass prefilled syringes and penicillin bottles, as a key enterprise to produce pre-filled rubber stoppers, the company will totally meet covid-19 vaccine production requirement, prepare the ingredients and support covid-19 vaccine research and development.

helping and supporting each other to jointly response to challenges. the company will pay close attention to the covid-19 vaccine research and development progress, strengthen connection and cooperation with the key vaccines research and development companies and drive upgrading of the medical rubber stopper industry so as to make new contributions to defeat the covid-19 outbreak and safeguard human public health security!