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annual summary of hulan npm

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as time goes by, the work of 2021 is coming to an end. looking back over the past year, through the joint efforts of all hualan people, the company has achieved the best results in the 30 years since its establishment.

it is another year to leave the old and welcome the new. looking back gently, the year of 2021 is as clear as yesterday!

the first batch of covid-19 vaccine r & d and production enterprises in china, including beijing institute of biological products of sinopharm group, sinovac, cansinobio and  zhifei biological, etc, have taken hualan npm as one of the important suppliers. as an important part of the supply chain of the vaccine industry chain, the company has always adhered to the quality policy that "hualan's products are equal to drugs, hualan's responsibility is safety and effective", and taken practical actions to work with pharmaceutical enterprises to provide important support for combating the epidemic.

the company won the 13th "jiangyin mayor quality award". during the "14th five-year plan" period beginning in 2021, a new development pattern with domestic circulation as the main body and domestic & international double circulation promoting each other has been formed. hualan npm grasps the new opportunities & challenges in the new development stage of the national "14th five-year plan" period, and always changes "hualan manufacturing to hualan creation, hualan speed to hualan quality, and hualan products to hualan brand ", adheres to intensive cultivation & practical work, strengthens the awareness of innovation, management, integration, investment & responsibility, and refuel for opening a new chapter for hualan to build a world leading enterprise!

the company has actively carried out voluntary blood donation activities for three consecutive years. now, the voluntary blood donation activities have been regular & normalized, and have become an important content of corporate culture construction. it transmits love with its own practical actions, arouses more social people to join the voluntary blood donation activities, and drives the whole society to establish a new social trend of rescuing the lives and healing the wounded.

jiangyin municipal party committee and government held the city's 2020 comprehensive assessment summary meeting to summarize achievements and commend the advanced. the company won one of the top 100 star enterprises in 2020, and chairman hua guoping is awarded the title of excellent general manager in 2020. the company is proud of the above awards and will strive hard to win the future.

as an important strategic partner in the large-scale production of cansinobio covid-19 vaccine, general manager of hulan npm, mr. hua yimin, was invited to attend the activity and accepted the honor of "the supplier with outstanding contributions to fight against novel coronavirus " awarded by cansinobio on behalf of the enterprise. in the past 30 years, hualan has always remained true to the original aspiration, been committed to the field of rubber stoppers and striven to become the world's leading intelligent manufacturer of sealed elastomers for pharmaceutical use!with the wartime state and wartime mechanism, hualan has provided a strong guarantee for the large-scale production of novel coronavirus vaccine r & d and production enterprises (including beijing institute of biological products of sinopharm group, wuhan institute of biological products of sinopharm group, shanghai institute of biological products of sinopharm groupsinovac, cansinobio, zhifei biological and shenzhen kangtai biology, etc.).

general manager, hua yimin was awarded the honorable title of "wuxi model worker". since taking office in 2006, he has been upholding the enterprise spirit of "making all efforts for good governance, pragmatic & forging ahead, striving for innovation", committed to r & d and innovation in the field of pharmaceutical sealing elastomer, and determined to build the enterprise into "the world hualan" in the pharmaceutical packaging industry. he is pioneering & innovative, forges ahead, meticulously creates characteristic products in industry segmentation, and ceaselessly expands brand influence, so that the enterprise has gradually become a leader in the domestic pharmaceutical butyl rubber stopper industry.


the company held 2021 symposium of excellent children of employees & scholarship awarding ceremony. just as the rise and fall of a nation depends on education; attaching importance to education, supporting education and cultivating talents are the talent concept that hualan has always adhered to. the annual excellent children's symposium has enhanced the feelings between employees & the company, strengthened the sense of belonging & cohesion of employees, and stimulated the working enthusiasm of employees who love their posts and are proud of the enterprise, as well as it is also a return to the society!

the company participated in the 37th teachers' day and the 7th hualan teacher development fund award ceremony held by jiangyin no. 1 middle school. the company has been actively engaged in education for many years and has participated in jiangyin no.1 middle school teachers' development fund award ceremony for seven consecutive years. we will continue to keep in mind the mission of the times, undertake social responsibility, care about education & students, and will continue to contribute to the cause of education with great love.

to thank all employees for their unremitting efforts for development of the company, strengthen the team cohesion of the company and enrich the cultural life of employees, the company specially organized team-building activity with the theme that"time is just nice, live up to the glorious youth, go forward all the way and expect the future”and carry it out in jiangyin and chongqing.this team building underwent between green mountains and rivers. we live up to the beautiful time of autumn, have a panoramic view of every beautiful scenery, be proud of the great rivers & mountains of the motherland and take pride in the growing strength of the motherland!

the company held 2021 internal trainer sharing & exchange meeting. for a long time, general manager of the company, hua yimin, has constantly encouraged everyone to maintain their enthusiasm for learning and created a good learning atmosphere in the enterprise. he has set every friday as a reading day, held reading clubs, and communicated regularly to guide each employee to participate in learning and share their reading experience. in this atmosphere, we will continue to improve the internal training system, expand the team of lecturers, improve the professionalism of lecturers, let more passionate persons who are willing to share join the lecturer team, and let those who are willing to learn and want to learn find a platform for common progress.

the company successfully landed on the growth enterprise market of shenzhen stock exchange with stock code 301093. its initial fund-raising reached a new high in jiangyin with fund raising of rmb 1.955 billion. in the future, with the help of the capital market platform, the company will devote itself to operation, maintain the spirit of exploration & innovation, and repay shareholders & society with more excellent achievements!

the company organized physical examination for employees and their parents. the enterprise is the extension of family, and family is the cornerstone of enterprise development. for a long time, hualan has always upheld the people-oriented concept and taken caring for the physical & mental health of employees as an important measure to build a harmonious enterprise. by organizing the physical examination of employees, they can timely understand their own health status to achieve the purpose of "early diagnosis, early prevention and early treatment", which fully reflects the company's care for employees, and further improves the work enthusiasm & team cohesion of all employees.

the company continues to send warmth and love to the children of sunshine welfare school in nangqian county, yushu city, qinghai province. the annual love donation not only provides material help, but also brings spiritual comfort to children, so that they feel the warmth brought by the social family. students have expressed that they will double cherish learning opportunities, devote themselves to learning, and repay the society with rich knowledge and love in the future.

the company successfully passed the visit audit of sinovac (dalian) vaccine technology co., ltd., zhifei biological and cansinobio and other pharmaceutical enterprises. we had in-depth technical exchanges with our customers who came to participate in the audit, which laid a good foundation for the follow-up cooperation between the two parties. in 2021, the company received on-site audits from 138 units. always adhering to the mission of "escorting the pharmaceutical companies & keeping pace with health", we have provided high-quality and safe pharmaceutical sealing elastomers for many pharmaceutical enterprises at home and abroad.

thank all customers for your support and affirmation of hualan npm in 2021. we will continue to struggle, explore & innovate and provide you with better products and services!

in the new year, at a new starting point, let's build a dream, set sail, forge ahead and strive to become the world's leading intelligent manufacturer of sealing elastomers for pharmaceutical use!