the lantern festival is full of happiness, with grinning all the time-ag九游会登录j9入口


the lantern festival is full of happiness, with grinning all the time

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affectionate lantern festival, you and i have fun together

guessing lantern riddles 
to be winner in the lantern festival

snow falling on lanterns heralds a bumper harvest year, and happy lantern festival is endless.
appreciate lanterns, guess lantern riddles and become winners in the lantern festival;
playing ring toss game happily to lock well-being and circle happiness!

as a traditional activity of the lantern festival,
the riddle of lantern riddles is not only unique but also all inclusive
the activity of "guessing lantern riddles to be winner in the lantern festival" 
attracted many employees of the company to actively participate!

lock well-being 
circle happiness
it's fun to play ring toss game,
a small ring can put your favorite gift into your hands,
with surprise and happiness.

in the game,
every employee's face is filled with a bright smile,
the uneasiness and excitement at tossing the rings,
surprise and cheers in wining the goal,
will become precious and wonderful memories.

lucky tiger greeting spring
new spring festival's gift;

start a new journey from now on,
sail far and the world appears wider 
in a new year
hualan npm sets out with a new look
for new journey
new sailing
new leap
hualan colleagues, let's work together to the future
together with hualan npm
march forward courageously with "full tiger power"!

looking into the future, let's start with a new look
march forward with our hearts and soar in 2022