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responsibility and assuming— general manager communication meeting in the first quarter of 2022

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in order to better implement the company's development strategy, promote departmental linkage & cohesion, and go all out to complete the business tasks of the new year, on february 18, our company organized and held a general manager communication meeting in the first quarter of 2022, which was attended by key posts of production, technology & quality and all managers.

the meeting was presided over by li hua, hr director of the company. director li led the participants to jointly learn the basic connotation of the company's vision, mission and values, expounded the company's employment concept, and emphasized that talents needed both morality & ability, and morality first. we call on everyone to take responsibility and have the courage to assume it for the common goal, and jointly practice the enterprise core values of "integrity-based, win-win cooperation, innovation and excellence".

at the communication meeting, general manager hua yimin shared the 30-year development history of hualan with the staff. although it has gone through tribulations and hardships, it can always overcome difficulties in adversity and make continuous progress, which has made today's hualan. the successful listing of the company in 2021 is not the end, but also the starting point. how to surpass the past hualan, break through today's hualan and truly become the bellwether in the field of pharmaceutical packaging requires everyone's joint thinking and efforts.and meanwhile, general manager asked everyone to always establish a sense of crisis, build a wolf team, continue the development momentum of the company, break through the bottleneck, and keep in mind the three matters within responsibilities: responsible matters in post, in work and for employee, so as to make the work to the extreme and make hualan stronger & bigger.

this communication meeting made all participants excited and motivated. hualan people should bear in mind that only when our hearts are closely intertwined with the company, and only when we concentrate, overcome difficulties, shoulder our responsibilities and keep improving, can we do a good job. it is hoped that through this communication meeting, hualan people will integrate their understanding, recognition and perception of responsibility & assuming into the future development & expectations of hualan, and work together to the future!