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new year message

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   as the new year begins, the old year has passed. on the arrival of the new year, i hereby express my good will and heartfelt gratitude to the friends in all walks of life who have been giving concern & support to hualan co., ltd. in the long run on behalf of the directorate of hualan co., ltd. and top management of the company and give my sincere regards and good wishes to the total employees and their family members!i wish that every one has good health and everything goes well in the new year!thanks everyone for concern and care to hualan co., ltd.

   the year 2010 is a marvelous year for the total hualan people and it is a year full of challenge and struggling. in this year, our hualan has experienced too much, all arise suddenly and they also make everybody full of confusion and helplessness sensation. in june, fire disaster arose suddenly in our company and make the production line of the headquarter get into trouble and this made the production unable to proceed normally.under this condition of extreme difficulty, the total employees of hualan co., ltd. has overcome all difficulties, consolidated tightly and everyone has marched across 2010 sturdily with a passionate and firm mind. although we hack our way through difficulties, but we believe that the most beautiful rainbow will only appear after wind and rain.

    looking to the future, we shoulder heavy responsibilities, we will win new market space through expediting product technological renovation, facilitate the steps of brand construction and make unremitting effort to make hualan march toward capital market earlier!

 finally, we heartfully wish all friends and their family members a happy and prosperous new year!