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safety first, people-oriented – 2012 hualan production safety conference

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           safety first, people-oriented 2012 hualan production safety conference

    in the morning of january 16, 2012 hualan formal safety conference was held. meeting chaired by the production manager miao yiming, all members of security work leading group and the production line managers attended the meeting.
    during the meeting, head of the security hua longkun made a concluding statement and report  of safety work in 2011 and the 2012 work plan for safety. vice president miao yiming has done a full affirmation to the 2011 annual safety management, realized the reward for unit workshop director, team leader who had signed for responsibility. to ensure the smooth progress of safety in 2012, the department heads and hua yimin, general manager signed letters of responsibility for safety in production. the workshop director, deputy squad leader signed letters of responsibility with miao yiming.
    finally, hua yimin the general manager gave an important speech. he pointed out that in 2012 we should firmly establish the "safety first, people-oriented" thinking,
enhance safety training and publicity, truly achieve zero-accident safety management.