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2012 chinese new year elderly condolences

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                  2012 chinese new year elderly condolences   

2012 spring festival is approaching, to inherit and carry forward the traditional virtues of respecting and caring for the old which hualan has always insisted and implement employees gsp, at 13:00 on january 16, 2012 hualan new year condolences activities was held on the second floor in training room of production department chaired by han xiaowei ,the assistant of chairman. mr. hua yimin, the general manager and staff with their families elderly aged over 75 years of age participated in this event.

    general manager hua yimin extended a warm and cordial welcome and new year greetings to the elderly, wish them have good health and happy family happiness, extended condolences funds to elderly as well. subsequently, song-qing liu , father of the employee liu gehong gave a speech. he said he thank chairman and general manager of hua lan for the concern and respect for the elderly, after nineteen years of hard business, from none to one, from small to strong, we experienced numerous trails. today, companies are still facing some difficulties, but at this time hualan still did not forget us, this is our honor and also made us grateful. we sincerely wish hualan can redouble their efforts to scale new peaks.
    50,000 rmb yuan condolences funds was paid to benefit the elderly. in addition, gsp also includes illness, accident and maternity, marriage officers accordingly a subsidy amounting to $ 20,000, benefiting 11 employees.

    after the event, general manager hua yimin took photos with all.