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the 2012 supplier meeting of hualan co., ltd. has been convened grandly

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the 2012 supplier meeting of hualan co., ltd. has been convened grandly

    on may 5th, 2012, the 2012 supplier appreciation meeting of hualan co., ltd. was grandly convened in the wisdom source of the company. the leaders from relevant functional departments of the company, which includes product department, technical department, quality department, purchase department, and financial department, etc, have attended this meeting. 56 supplier representatives from all over the country were also present at the meeting.

    during the meeting, hua guoping, president of the company, welcomed the arrival of those who were present at the meeting firstly. then he expressed appreciation toward their trust and support given to hualan co., ltd. for all these years. meanwhile, president hua made a brief statement in terms of the current situation of the company and future development plan, and he explicitly put forward that under the current situation, the specialty of industry of drug package material was the reason why the enterprise had higher requirements as to the job of suppliers. he hoped all the representatives could cooperate intimately with hualan, continuously optimize the productive technology, enhance quality of raw and auxiliary materials, and reinforce the control toward all the details in the productive process of the product. he hoped the suppliers and hulan could form a strategic cooperative partnership, in order to realize mutual benefit.

    soon afterwards, wu jianqing, quality manager of the company, made a whole analysis against the quality of the suppliers' product in 2011, and she made a brief report about the audit work regarding the supplier in 2012. she also put forward requirements to make melioration to the existing problems during quality audit. manager wu made brief introduction to a drug package material in the company—gmp, in order to allow the supplier representatives to have a further understanding to the product quality management of hulan. she hoped all the suppliers could not only know hulan, but also understand and realize the importance of hulan's products, so as to smooth the cooperation between both sides in the future.


    yang jianguo, purchasing manager of the company, made an analysis against the practical situation of supply and demand of 2011, in order to enable all the suppliers to conduct well the supplying work to the greatest extent. he also made introduction toward the general situation of supply and demand during the development of hulan in 2012, to enable all the supplier representatives to conduct well the preparatory work of the supply, to shorten the period of supply, and to guarantee the supply of hulan in 2012.
in the afternoon, all supplier representatives were divided into four groups for communications in terms of qualities and prices which are concerned by each side. after communication, all the representatives visited the exhibition room of the corporate products, manufacturing departments, warehouses of raw and auxiliary materials, warehouses of finished products, and so forth.

    finally, all the representatives took a group photo to commemorate this wonderful meeting in hulan.