health and youth are important for you and i ”outdoors fellowship-ag九游会登录j9入口


health and youth are important for you and i ”outdoors fellowship

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health and youth are important for you and i ”outdoors fellowship
----jiangsu hua lan coporation and 10th class administration major of nanjing university

    just like the elegant description of the poem, during the tomb sweeping day when in the recovery of all things, as well as many beautiful flowers and leaves, on april 2, 10th class administration major master of nanjing university and youth club staff of hua lan company have a travel to nanjing lishui .

    all the participant are young people in their prime. they come with a healthy and progressive ideas, they come with youthful vigor and vitality; they come with a sunrise industry in the ascendant, they come with a deep cultural heritage of centuries. this tour will inevitably leave a good and long unforgettable experience.


    on april 2, the sun is shining . with excitement , we travel to the destination nanjing lishui tiansheng bridge.  along the way, the troubles of city life gradually leave behind, accompanied by the side only just let the laughter, we looking forward to arriving to the destination as soon as possible. at 9:30 am, we reach the tiansheng bridge scenic area, we propose to take a group photo at the entrance. the huge banner written with fellowship of hua lan youth club and nanjing university's students sparkling awake eyes, once again  interpret the theme of the event. subsequently, under the conduction of the guider,we keep company with each other to enjoy the gift of nature to our moments of beauty. green lawn, flowers clusters, switchgrass with sprout, flying swallows, wind blowing, beautiful ripples , really have one kind of warm breezes that visitors feeling drunk and won't go back. all the way forward, we talk and laugh to each other with the subject referring to exploring the various studies, works and life, and quickly eliminate the strangeness. unwittingly, we come to the most exciting locations of tiansheng bridge scenic area,that is visiting little three gorges by yacht and watching the tiansheng bridge. smiling down, loading with excitement on board of the yacht,  we walk in the road to tiansheng bridge with motor humming. the yacht ride the waves, the bow aroused bursts of white spray, and flapping in the wall of cross-strait folder on the mountain. we enjoy the scenery on both sides, while looking forward to the emergence of tiansheng bridge. the tiansheng bridge gradually coming into view, we can not help but lament the intricate skills of ancient craftsmen, and deeply impressed. after landing, we proceed to the natural bridge, overlooking the scenery of the canyon on both sides from tiansheng bridge. towards midday, our tiansheng bridge trip coming to an end, although dismay, but thought that next, there are great expectations for the scenery awaits us, all of us felt joy again.

    board the bus, we setout again, we embarked on a journey to the fujiabian science and technology park.  though it is april, the open season of plum blossom is long past,  plum blossom of fujiabian seems to know we would come, still flowing brilliantly. after enjoying a green and healthy farmhouse lunch, fatigue of morning tour swept away.  we embarked on the trip of visiting plum blossom. when wandering among the brilliant flowers, the distance between us again closer greatly. spent under the shade, we gather together, talk to each other and play interactive games, laughter one after another. during that, we also take photos to record this memorable moment. after the plum blossom visiting , our activities enter to the final stage - picking strawberries. when come to the artificial cultivation of strawberry greenhouse, we have long forgotten the fatigue of a day of busy schedule, everyone was eager to picking strawberries. prey into the greenhouse, despite the high internal temperature, but it do not affect our enthusiasm to pick strawberries. we slowly move along the gully, slowly look carefully to find their own love, until completely sweaty, but we don't care of it.  everyone have a rewarding experience, filled with a harvest of joy and excitement.

    visit tiansheng bridge and enjoy the plum blossom, pick strawberries, the one day trip are compact and interesting. our harvest is not only the pleasant scenery, delicious strawberry, more importantly, is the friendships during the communication of the fellowship. this event is very successful, which not only depends on the careful planning of the responsible person, but also because of the participation of each one, as well as the strong support of the hua lan corporation, and we thank you again. activities although has ended, but the concept of the activities that "health is important for you and i, youth is also important for you and i "  will exist long, and deeply imprinted in the minds of every one of us. may the hua lan company have a prosperous tomorrow, always in an invincible position in the increasingly competitive pharmaceutical packaging market! (nanjing university, 10th class administration major ,sun qiufen)