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hualan youth club wants you!

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to welcome the new club members of 2013 and conduct a new election on the old leadership of hualan youth club, aug 24 2013, led by general manager hua yimin, totally 70 people of the youth club members and the newly admitted university students of 2013 held the conference on new election and admitting new members in moujia ecological park. this time it was to display the spirits of energy, enthusiasm, endurance and innovation of the young people from hualan and expand the club’s influence and appeal. 
8:30 a.m, the members jointly visited the agricultural culture exhibition building, animal zoo, fishing center, outdoor training zone and other places. in the outdoor training zone, the club members stood in two rows by the club leader’s order,  simulated the mode of the training company and competed against each other in groups. boys and girls all collaborated well and finished the projects such as passing the single-plank bridge, climbing the web and playing the swing and others. finishing the simple outdoor training helped the members to let down the heaviness from daily life. everyone was focused and helped each other go through each and every obstacle. the competition ended in a happy atmosphere. everybody was smiling with ease and excitement. all of them enjoyed the happiness which is hard to get.
after that, the election started officially. the general manager showed his expectation and cares for the youngsters of new generation of hualan and encouraged us to work hard for hualan’s common goals. the election elected zhang yongyan, gu pengfei, wang xiaolong, xiang min, wang lei, wang fang and other nominated committee members to apply for committee members of organization and promotion. 3 months later, 4 committee members will be established officially. 
the activity inspired the energy and will to fight of the youth club members and let everyone know the cares and expectation from the leaders of the company. everybody is willing to work hand-in-hand with the “dream of hualan” in heart and compose the best music to contribute their part of shares for the future of hualan.