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hua guoping: interviewed by china xinhua net

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24 august, the 2013 chinese medicine entrepreneur annul meeting themed in “new mission, new challenge”, hosted by chinese medical enterprise management association and hosted in assistance by medical industry association of sichuan province, e-medical manager magazine agency and hejun consulting group kicked off grandly in chengdu, sichuan province. the main governmental officials, economists from the medical industry and the entrepreneurs from chinese forefront pharmaceutical production companies conducted insightful discussions on the topics of how to realize the goal of development in the medical industry of the twelfth five-year plan and achieve the fast and healthy development of the medical industry.

in the module of “medical supply chain and industrial competitive force integrated upgrade”, president hua guoping of hualan medical new material packaging corporation gave a speech on innovation and cooperation and was interviewed on-site by the reporter from xinhua net.

as the national brand in the chinese rubber plug industry, hualan has provided over a hundred billion rubber plugs in the past 22 years by virtue of the two large production bases in jiangyin and chongqing respectively and has become the long term supplier for the international high-end medical enterprises such as pfizer and novartis. the management principle of the products in the company’s operation ideal goes like this: hualan products are medical products and hualan is responsible for their safety and effect.

hua guoping believes that if the chinese pharmaceutical enterprises want to be stronger and better and strengthen the supply chain, the first thing for them is to self-regulate and abide by the law. what hualan sells is not goods but medicine. the wrapping materials for the syringe are not something that laymen can deal with but very important for the medicine of good quality. after the investigation on the foreign-owned enterprises in china, the imported formulation by china and those exported overseas from china, hualan found out that for the same dose, type of formulation, specification and the same product name, what the foreign-owned enterprises and the imported formulation have used are butyl compound rubber plugs, however, 95% of our products until now are normal (or the so-called cephalosporin class formula) plugs. thus, in the inspection in 2009, the failure rate of the domestic cephalosporin class products reached 95%.

when asked whether the problem of the rubber plug would develop into the problem of unsafe medicine, hua guoping stated that the turbidity of the formulation would exceed the standard with different degrees after 6 months wrapping the medicine no matter it is the normal butyl rubber plug or the so-called butyl rubber plug with special formula. it is only a matter of time. in this background, some enterprises would choose to sell the products manufactured in 3 months at a low price quickly to avoid quality risks. but the pharmaceutical industry needs to understand one principle that is there is a limited time for the medicine’s safety and effect. even if the medicine is qualified when finished, if the rubber plugs are defective in quality, there can be problems during the valid regard to this aspect, hua guoping said that for the products hualan provides to pfizer, the particle index of them is 60 times higher than that of the state standard so it can be ensured that hualan pet rubber plug is the safety guard for the cephalosporin class products.